Do you ask your students to read a research paper that perhaps you successfully published after numerous drafts, several R&Rs, sweat (and even tears), and then end up frustrated because they.just.don’

Here are some ideas to package research differently and boost the impact of your research ideas in your teaching practice and beyond.

At the recent Open Access event at the Library I presented on how learning and teaching ideas, tools and social media can assist you in communicating your research more effectively, to students, peers and the wider community.

There are plenty of open access tools and services out there to help you turn your (and other people’s) research ideas into engaging learning and teaching resources for your students. And of course, you have the power and mighty expertise of your Faculty Learning and Teaching teams as well as the Learning Innovation Hub from which to draw on.

Have a look, you may just find what you’re looking for.

Open Access presentation

Open Access presentation

Got better ideas?

Know better tools?

Share with us and our readers in the comments below.

Posted by Lilia Mantai

Lilia's PhD was on the role of social support in the development of researcher identities in the PhD. She is a Higher Ed professional, passionate about education, research, and providing support to staff and students.

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