In Session 1, 2018, over 115 units across Macquarie will have live streaming enabled. Live streaming allows pedagogically important interactions to occur in real-time whilst accommodating the clear student demand for flexible delivery. In consultation between Faculty Associate Deans Learning & Teaching and Timetabling, conditions were agreed upon whereby cohorts of 150 and over (180 for Arts) have live streaming enabled and students can choose live streaming in the enrolment process, with a cap on places in the physical lecture.

Since 2012 the majority of Macquarie University lectures have been automatically recorded through Echo360, with students using the recordings of lectures if a) they missed the lecture,  b) they were unable to get to campus or c) if they wanted to revise lecture content. As part of regular upgrades of learning technologies, Macquarie’s entire Echo360 platform upgraded to the Active Learning Platform in Session 2, 2017. Throughout 2017 over 50 units were successfully live streamed and of 274 students surveyed, 76% remarked they enjoyed the live streaming experience, 86% wanted live streaming to be available in more units and 76% would recommend the live streaming experience to other students.

The new Echo360 Active Learning Platform allows any unit being recorded with an Echo360 device to be live streamed in real time. Benefits include a) live streaming can be offered to larger cohorts b) live streaming can assist with those who may have difficulty getting to campus or c) live streaming can foster digital interactive activities. Cameras (filming only the lecturer), in 22 rooms across campus, add the image of the lecturer to both the audio and presentation slides in the Echo360 Active Learning Platform and will be enabled for some live streaming units. Unit Convenors who want live streaming enabled who aren’t on the forecasted list can send in a request to opt-in at any time.

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform offers tools for interaction that can make participation in the live stream and face to face lectures more engaging. Learning Designers have posted a number of articles with advice, details, suggestions, insights and FAQs.

Throughout November, the Learning Innovation Hub in collaboration with the faculties have been running workshops for those whose units are likely to be streamed in Session 1 2018. If you have been unable to attend these recent training sessions, there is one running next week and more will be running just prior to session commencing in February 2018. See the instructional video below for how to create an interactive class in ALP.

Guides, FAQS, videos and assistance can be found on the Staff Portal or please book in an appointment with your Faculty Learning Designer for further assistance.

How to create an interactive class in ALP

Posted by Geraldine Timmins

I was Communications and Engagement Lead for the Learning Innovation Hub 2017 - 2018 and Teche Editor during that time.

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