New to Macquarie?

Toying with a new unit idea?

First time developing a unit?

We have you covered.

Even seasoned Macquarie staff get confused and overwhelmed by all the acronyms, committees, technologies and systems that are being thrown around in everyday conversations on campus.

The Unit Lifecycle in 7 Steps resource was developed by the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) to provide an overview of how a unit develops from idea to its presence on iLearn while outlining how the various systems, technologies and university structures fit in together. This page outlines the commonalities across faculties, however, it is important to note that steps and processes vary in departments and faculties.  We hope this is useful information for staff new to Macquarie or staff developing a new unit for the first time.

Various staff across Macquarie have provided their feedback on the earlier drafts and we thank them for their input in developing this resource.

*Cartoon image by Fidel Fernando

Posted by Lilia Mantai

Lilia's PhD was on the role of social support in the development of researcher identities in the PhD. She is a Higher Ed professional, passionate about education, research, and providing support to staff and students.

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