This post deserves a second title: How to create great videos and train students for a real job!

Earlier this year the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) conducted paid learning and training opportunities to selected MMCCS students to work with academics across Faculties to produce Educational Media. During the four weeks of ‘learning-on-the-job’ internships the students were mentored by the educational media production and learning design team at the LIH. Students received training, learned how to use various programs and gained valuable skills wanted by employers.

The pilot was a great success – and Dr Karen Pearlman and Prof Nicole Anderson at MMCCS deserve special thanks for their support. Academic and professional staff working with the students commented:

“The students came across as so professional, to the point that I was not 100% sure if they were  students, they were mindful of the environment, helpful and gentle, and communicated well.” – Carmel Whitty, Manager, Speech Pathology Clinical Education

“Students were absolutely amazing, they were right on the ball, they managed to acquaint themselves with the material really well. I was very happy with the end result. They made something really professional, looking sleek and they [students] were easy to deal with.“ – Angela Powell, PACE Officer, Faculty of Science

Here’s an example of what students produced in four weeks:

Students said they were ‘grateful’ for this opportunity, commenting on having gained confidence and skills they are proud to list on their CVs and brag about in job interviews.

Aside from sleek videos to show in class or iLearn with minimal involvement on their part, several staff commented they now have a better understanding and appreciation of what video production involves, how to write a film script, how to work with props and actors, and even act themselves!

MMCCS students developing a script during the Pathways program. Photo by Mike Catabay

MMCCS students developing a script during the Pathways program.

Due to the great outcome the LIH is planning on running these internships again very soon.  Check out our website, our services, and see what else we can help you with. If you have an idea in mind (a film to be made,  footage to be edited, etc.) get in touch with Tanya Rose and send us your EOI to be included in the next round of internships.

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