Video blogs, or vlogs, are a great way to quickly convey information in a personal and visual way. If you’ve thought about starting a vlog, or if you’re looking to take your current video blogging skills to the next level, I’ve got 6 tips to share with you that can help you create a better vlog.

1 – Define your purpose

Why are you using a vlog as a medium? By knowing why, you’ll be able to determine if your content will be suitable for the approach. Are you sending a quick message to your students about an upcoming assessment? Maybe you need to further explain a concept that your students didn’t quite grasp from a tutorial earlier in the day.

Vlogs can be a great method to communicate key concepts or start discussions around a topic with a low production cost. In this instance, I’ve used the vlog as a means to quickly talk about improving vlogging. (I know, very meta.)

2 – Get your lighting right

I’ve employed the window as my key light, with no other lighting sources. There’s a handy course on lighting for video in an office environment on if you’re keen to find out more.

3 – Use a better microphone

Apparently ‘sound is half of what you see’. Although the picture quality isn’t great using a webcam, I’ve used a RODE NT-USB Microphone to improve the overall presentation.

4 – Change the framing of your camera

There’s a lot of research around this topic, but here’s a great resource on video composition from SLR Lounge.

Laptop raised using an external hard drive.

My ‘sophisticated’ vlog setup.

5 – Keep it short and simple

That’s not to say you can’t wax lyrical about your topic of expertise but keep your audience in mind – a short simple vlog will likely be more effective than a long-winded and unorganised one. Sticking to a few key points helps to direct the flow of your content.

6 – Have a call to action

Here’s my example (and also please do these things) below:

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Posted by Mike Catabay

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