Student Learning and Support: Novice

Here are some ideas to guide your progress through the Student Learning and Support domain of the Professional Learning and Capability Enhancement (PLaCE) Framework:

  • Learn how to use the range of MQ technologies and tools for teaching
  • Understand and accommodate different student learning and support needs
  • Build your teaching toolkit to engage learners

Consolidate your knowledge of Student Learning and Support:

Explore: Find information and quick guides on all MQ supported learning technologies and tools (website)
Enrol:Get familiar with MQ technologies and tools by attending a workshop or enrolling in a self-paced module. (Note: facilitated workshops are generally offered at the start of S1 and S2).
Complete:The Foundations for Inclusive Teaching self-paced module will provide you with resources and practical ideas you can implement to make learning more inclusive. (90-min module in Workday).
Build:Start building your teaching toolkit by looking at practical examples to engage students in the Active Learning Module (Level 1 – Starter pack). (45-min module in iLearn).

Take it to the next level: Design active and engaging learning

Enrol:Complete the Active Learning Module (Level 2) to explore advanced active learning techniques for your classroom find practical solutions for common issues with active learning. (45-min module in iLearn).

If you would like support to create a personalised professional development plan to enhance your teaching capability, please contact 

Find more teaching development resources for Student Learning & Support