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Free Adobe Creative Cloud, Now What?

Celebrate - we have all been given access to Adobe Creative Cloud. But what next?

/ 11 September, 2019

How to read an X-ray

Combining expertise to create videos about how to read an X-ray.

/ 5 August, 2019

Make iLearn Fun and Engaging with H5P

H5P is an tool that can help you create fun and engaging interactive activities in iLearn. There are over 40 content types including course presentation, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, hot spots, image sequencing and many more.

/ 29 August, 2018
active learning space with bender from Futurama on screens

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are good, right?

What other ways could Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence be leveraged in Higher Ed?

/ 26 October, 2017