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Developing a Teaching Philosophy for professional growth

19 June, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm This workshop will introduce you to the value of developing a teaching philosophy, provide guiding questions to get you thinking and space to start your first draft.

/ 19 June, 2019
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The Journey Of A Learning & Teaching Philosophy

Find out how MUIC (Macquarie University International College) developed its learning and teaching philosophy, how they introduced it to their community, and how they make it work.

/ 16 August, 2018
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Punk Rock Inspired Teaching Philosophy

MUIC is currently planning a curriculum redesign project and the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) are supporting them in this process. We asked MUIC staff to write their individual teaching philosophies. I invited Dr Can Yalcinkaya, Diploma Senior Teacher, to share...

/ 5 April, 2018
Thinking - Photo Mike Catabay for LIH

Do You Have A Teaching Philosophy?

Do you have a teaching philosophy? It’s a definite advantage to have one prepared, so here are some pointers.

/ 14 December, 2017

Professional Learning for teaching in Session 2: It’s all here!

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/ 27 July, 2020

Peer Review of Teaching: Strategies for a semester, a day and an hour

Peer Review of Teaching promotes a culture of ongoing reflection and communication amongst academics, leading to quality enhancement in learning and teaching (Sachs & Parsell, 2014). Awesome―but how do you find the time? Over the coming months, And Gladly will...

/ 15 March, 2018
Amos, Dimity, Khyiah, Eugene

The Hum – Humans of MUIC

Amos tells us his Teaching Philosophy, Khyiah shares how she writes Young Adult Fiction, Eugene talks about student motivation and Dimity speaks about her move from W.A.

/ 6 July, 2018

The VC agrees: Alex Bhatti is a rising Early Career Academic and highly regarded by her students

Just this past week Alex Bhatti was awarded not one, but two Vice Chancellor Learning and Teaching awards, in the categories of “student-nominated” and “early career". In this article Alex shares how she caters for student diversity and engages students...

/ 25 November, 2019

Congratulations to FHS’ new Advance HE Senior Fellows!

Warm congratulations to Maria Herke and Susan Hoadley from the Department of Linguistics on recently achieving Senior Fellowship with Advance HE! We asked them to tell us about their experience.

/ 24 October, 2019