Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a hot topic and the tertiary education sector is embracing UDL as a framework to support not only students with a disability but all students.

The Australian Disability Clearninghouse on Education and Training (ADCET) recently held a UDL Symposium featuring international and national leaders, academics, learning designers and professionals all contributing to the symposiums 23 sessions. ADCET is making the recordings of these sessions available to showcase ‘UDL in action: the what, the why and the how‘.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your UDL journey, you’ll find something of interest.

Macquarie’s Natasha Todorov featured

Dr Natasha Todorov (Psychology) presented at the UDL Symposium on Using UDL to lighten the load on executive processing in a Very Large Unit. View the presentation to find out how low tech, simple and easily replicable adaptations were made in a unit of 2000+ students which resulted in all enrolled students improving their performance.

Read more about Natasha’s approach in this recent Teche post Applying UDL principles to the design of a Very Large Unit.

Keen to get started on inclusive design in your unit?

Complete the MQ Foundations of Inclusive Teaching module in Workday. A teaching development module packed with resources and practical ideas you can implement now to make learning more inclusive – all backed by the voices of MQ students and staff.

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Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching)

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