The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) is pleased to be hosting Educating for Success forum: Create Assessments for the Future on Wednesday 19 April. This professional development opportunity aims to raise awareness of inclusive and engaging assessment tasks that promote and support students’ learning.

Find out more about our presenters, who will deliver presentations, lead discussions and group activities on our Event page.

Participating in the event will be:

SpeakerPresentation Topic
Dr Jo Anne Rey
Faculty of Arts
Creative assessment through country: A transformative practice for sustainable success
Zara Bending
Faculty of Arts
Keeping PACE with the times through ‘living assessments’: assessment via viva voce
Dr Jon Burtt
Faculty of Arts
Developing a ‘pathway’ approach to assessments
Dr Lurion De Mello
Macquarie Business School
Stepping out with industry-relevant skills: designing course-based assessments using real-world data
Dr Kelly Gray
Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences
Bridging the gap: Redesigning assessment to link theory to shared-patient care
Associate Professor Joanne Jamie
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Embedding Indigenous perspectives into assessment
Dr Prashan S M Karunaratne
Macquarie Business School
Enhancing employability skills via course-based assessments for learning in a capstone unit
Dr Olga Kozar
Learning and Teaching Staff Development
Assessments in the A.I-enhanced world
Dr Jacqueline Mackaway
Faculty of Arts
Assessment and PACE: working with industry

The Great Debate participants

Macquarie University Debating Society
Udai Kamath, Leah Merceir, Jess Sewel and Brendan Winters
Professor Albert Atkin
Faculty of Arts
Professor Melanie Bishop
Faculty of Science and Engineering

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