CourseHero, Chegg, and StuDocu are document-sharing websites where students share resources such as lecture slides, notes taken in class, old assignments, and even your weekly summaries.

You are encouraged to find the Unit you teach to see how much of your content is on these sites.

If you do find that there is Macquarie University content or a student’s assignment on these sites, REPORT IT!

Step One: Copy the direct URL of where the content is
Step Two: Go to the Feedback, Complaints and Misconduct Reporting form
Step Three: Select ‘Reporting Academic Cheating Services’
Step Four: Paste the direct URL, and press submit.

Tip: It is important that you give us the direct links to your content and not the link to the whole unit. If you know the student who has posted it, please let us know their name and student ID as well.

When a report comes into the system, we try our best to initially work with the student who posted the content through educative counselling to take the content down. If this approach does not work, we send University Official Takedown Notices to get the content removed.

The University has developed a Cheating is Never the Right Answer module for your students to complete which addresses this issue. Embed this module into your Unit today and encourage all students to complete the module.

If you need a hand or would like to chat about these document-sharing sites, contact us at

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Posted by Riley O'Keeffe

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