Have you thought about using Leganto and embedding the Unit Reading block into your iLearn units?

Leganto. I can’t think of a better way I could use this library

Library client satisfaction survey, October 2021

If you already use Leganto, your past lists have been rolled over by Library staff. If you want to use a list this session, just remember to hit SEND LIST in Leganto so it gets moving through the process. You can add items to a list at any time. 

If you haven’t used Leganto before, our Leganto Guide  can help you to create a reading list, divide it into weekly readings and publish it to iLearn for your students.  

Leganto gives you a way to:

  • Create dynamic lists from a range of sources including the Library collection, internet, and multimedia resources.
  • Easily manage and update resources for all your units from session to session.
  • Ensure the materials you use meet copyright and licensing requirements.
  • Enable students to ‘like’ resources, create personal collections, share comments, and recommendations with classmates and lecturers.
  • Extract analytics on student engagement with the unit materials such as full-text access views.

Try the Leganto Unit Readings block in your iLearn Unit for students to get their readings. If you need some help, see our instruction guide.

You can also check out our Copyright Guide for more information. Having teaching material in Leganto helps prevent any copyright mistakes or license problems and protects intellectual property for everyone.

To get help with unit readings and Leganto, just ask our Unit Readings team at lib.unitreadings@mq.edu.au

Image credit: John Gollings (Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt))

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  1. This block has recently been redesigned to clearly identify the link to the reading list as well as access to the Help guide. The new design is automatically applied to all iLearn pages already using this block.


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