1. Where do I log in to Zoom?

Go to  https://macquarie.zoom.us/ and login using your OneID.

2. How do I create Zoom meetings? What settings should I choose?

This video walks you through MQ-recommended meeting set-up options.

3. How do I record my Zoom sessions to share with students?

You can either record manually (good for selective recording with small talk etc., cut out) OR you can set Zoom to automatically record and share the whole sessions into your Echo360 unit page.

For more information see the video below.  

See the section called ‘Automatically sharing Zoom meeting recordings into your Echo360 unit page‘ of the Zoom Quick Guide website OR access our Zoom for Teaching module and go to the section called ‘Before the class: the recommended set up‘ and see ‘Step 4: Add Zoom recordings to your Echo360 library‘.

4. What’s the easiest way to share resources with students in a Zoom session?

You can paste links in Zoom chat. You can also enable ‘file sharing’ in chat and share files. See this post for more information.

Note: Where possible, share ALL resources in the iLearn unit, before or after the session, for students not in the session or those who have disconnected, re-joined and therefore can’t see the prior chat.

5. How do I use breakout rooms?

The brief 4-minute video below provides an overview of breakout rooms functionality. If you’d like to learn more, check out a ‘Close-up on Breakout rooms’ in this Zoom for Teaching module.

6. How do I use polls?

Polls can be created either before the lesson on the meeting set-up page OR ‘on the fly’ during the session. This short (90 second) video below shows you how to create and use polls. Need more information? Check out a Close-up on Polls in this Zoom for Teaching module.

7. What if I have connectivity issues or my camera doesn’t work, etc?

The first thing to try is to turn off your webcam, and to check that you don’t have any other applications, e.g. Skype or similar, running at the same time.

Look around for any obstructions between your computer and your router. As an example, if your microwave is positioned between your computer and router and someone in your household uses it, your connection could be affected.

See this post on how to optimise your connectivity when teaching from home.

For more information about materials and appliances that may affect your WiFi signal, check out this handy guide.

Need more information?

Your go-to resource for teaching on Zoom at Macquarie here: https://staff.mq.edu.au/teach/technologies-and-tools/zoom.

Check out this detailed guide on technical trouble-shooting in Zoom and this post on troubleshooting in your Zoom room

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