Macquarie’s registration as a higher education provider is due for renewal by TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) in March 2023. Preparations for our submission are well underway to ensure a successful submission. We are currently working closely with Academic Senate and its committees, academic and professional staff leaders and other key staff to review the alignment of our policies and practices with the Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF). As we undertake this work, we are identifying opportunities to improve our processes to enable us to verify the quality of our academic activities and help build a culture of ongoing improvement and enhancement.

About the Standards

The HESF Standards set the requirements for all higher education providers to continue to operate and offer courses. While we can accredit our own courses as a ‘self-accrediting provider’, we are expected to have effective internal processes to monitor the quality of our education activities and their alignment with the HESF Standards.

The HESF Standards encompass the life cycle of the student experience as they progress from prospective students to the completion of their award of a qualification. They cover the basis for admission, credit for prior learning, support for transition, equivalence of opportunities, achievement of expected learning outcomes and certification of qualifications. They also specify requirements for learning resources, course design and the knowledge, skills and qualifications of academic leaders and teachers.

TEQSA guidelines and resources

TEQSA publishes a wide range of resources and runs seminars to assist providers in maintaining the quality of their learning and teaching activities. Here are links to some helpful resources:

Further information

To find out more about TEQSA, the HESF Standards and our preparations to renew registration, check the TEQSA Project Wiki or contact Heather Sainsbury, who is managing the TEQSA project.

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