Meet the Team is a series of articles to introduce the teams of the learning and teaching portfolio following the recent organisational restructure. This week we meet the Global Leadership Program (GLP) team.

The GLP is an international and multi-award-winning co-curricular program, focussing on student success and employability, global citizenship, leadership, and experiential learning. The Program is offered to all coursework students at Macquarie, with distinct programs for postgraduate, undergraduate, and exchange/study abroad students. There are no entry requirements, and it is free for students to participate. The program opens new possibilities for its students by giving them a critical understanding of diverse issues and perspectives, as well as the skills and experiences they need to confidently connect and communicate across cultures.

The team includes:

  • Anneke, GLP Manager
  • Aidan, GLP Co-ordinator
  • Vivian, GLP Advisor
  • Kristina, GLP Advisor
  • Emma, GLP Advisor

The staff in the team come from a wide variety of backgrounds but are united on the values of global citizenship and civic participation that the GLP program instils in students.

In 2021, the team are continuing their focus on providing more innovative, digital, and future-focused opportunities for students. These include intensive student advising, incorporating gamification into the Program and the creation of a Micro-credential for students who have completed the Program.

One of the team’s biggest achievements last year was pivoting almost all GLP-run activities for the Program into an online format. This meant systems were adjusted, new forms were created and more content for GLP activities were produced in-house. The result was a seamless transition for students, with feedback being overwhelmingly positive and students greatly enjoying GLP activities being delivered virtually.  For Anneke this was a significant highlight despite the hurdles of Covid and was due to the collective vision and initiative of the team. The majority of the GLP activities will continue to be delivered in a virtual format and in mixed modalities for the foreseeable future.

What makes the GLP so special and unique to Macquarie is the way in which it brings students together who might not ordinarily cross paths in a meaningful way, fostering a feeling of community and belonging.

Anneke reflected on stories from the GLP domestic Symposium to Canberra, where students from across the broad Macquarie community can create connections. Over the course of 4 intense days, and many shared meals, students from all walks of life get to know each other, find points of commonality, and learn from each other’s differences and perspectives. These students would likely never have met without participating in the Program. For many students, it is in these interactions that the transformational learning happens. Indeed students often reflect on these experiences as a highlight of their time at Macquarie.

Outside of work, the team are dedicated foodies (with a shared love of cheese!) and avid travellers.  Their go-to team restaurant is Khao Pla in Macquarie Centre. If you see them chowing down on a Pad Thai do not be afraid to say hello!

The GLP team can be contacted on and further information can be found on the GLP website. They are also active on social media, check out their Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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