Teaching at a new institution can be a challenging time as you get your head around the systems and processes of the university, not to mention the jargon!

Help is at hand with this short self-paced module designed specifically for new staff with a role in learning and teaching. It provides a contextual overview of learning and teaching practices at Macquarie and outlines organisational knowledge, roles, policies, procedures and support for ensuring teaching quality at the University.

Most new staff will complete this module as part of their induction process. Even if you are already teaching, you will likely find it a helpful overview. 

The module covers: 

  • What you need to know to start teaching at Macquarie 
  • Strategies, structures, frameworks and policies that shape teaching at Macquarie 
  • Learning technologies 
  • The organisational structures and key roles that ensure teaching quality 
  • Developing your teaching practice 
  • The history and context for learning and teaching at Macquarie 

A place for learning and teaching

Macquarie University has always been a place for learning and teaching. Listen to the recording below or read the piece here.

“A place for learning and teaching” read by Karina Luzia

(left) Early 1960’s image of the central courtyard and (right) the brand new central courtyard

Our staff are the key to achieving our commitment to student success. We want to ensure that staff new to Macquarie feel welcome and supported. By completing the module, you will gain an understanding of the learning and teaching priorities for the university, and the many ways of seeking support in your teaching and development journey.

How to access the learning and teaching staff induction module in Workday

The self-paced module takes about 35 minutes. Go to Workday (Macquarie’s HR system). Log in using your MQ OneID. Click on the ‘Learning’ application icon. Under Learning and Teaching, select ‘Learning and Teaching at Macquarie University’ 

Screenshot of the Learning and Teaching topic on Workday Learning

New to university teaching? Here’s a professional development program just for you

The Beginning to Teach (BTT) program introduces those that are very new to teaching to foundational concepts and practices that are key to getting started with teaching at university. BTT explores perspectives on student learning; how to plan and facilitate a learning activity, and the basics of feedback and assessment. The program also gives participants the opportunity to plan, deliver, and peer-evaluate a short (15 minute) online teaching session on the last day of the program. The next intake will be in July, just prior to the start of Session 2.

Read more about the BTT program in this Program Guide

Register your interest to join the program in JULY

Find out more about other professional learning for teaching, including programs and communities of practice, on the Professional Learning website.

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The Learning and Teaching Staff Development team works with staff across the University to ensure they are supported to facilitate quality learning for students. This includes offering professional development, contributing to curriculum and assessment design, recognising and rewarding good practice, supporting peer review of teaching, and leading scholarly reflection. Email professional.learning@mq.edu.au with questions or requests.

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