Changing to a new or preferred name on some university systems is a lot easier than most people realise – and it’s particularly easy in iLearn – for staff and students. Amanda Parker, who leads the Learning Enhancement team in the Office of the PVC Learning and Teaching, tells us how.

Steps to change your name in iLearn – for students 

Students can request to change, add to, or update their Preferred Name via AskMQ or by phone/in person to Student Connect. This will change how a student’s name appears in iLearn (for example, within a discussion forum) and on tutorial rolls. Students can also request changes to their email address too if they wish.  

It should be noted that a Preferred Name change does not require any legal documentation and so will not be reflected on eStudent, transcripts, testamur or other official university documentation. 

Students can change their legal name through Student Connect, but this will require supporting legal documentation.

International students should check for any visa implications and domestic students should also check for any impact to Centrelink/Austudy payments for legal name changes.   

Steps to change your name in iLearn – for staff 

Staff members can change their name through the HR management system, Workday:

  • Login to Workday 
  • Select the Personal Information icon 
  • Select Name under the View menu  
  • Select Edit for Preferred Name 
  • Enter your preferred Given Name and/or Family Name 
  • Click Submit 

This will update how your name appears in iLearn and other university systems such as Office 365.

Note that this will not change your email address and you will need to wait overnight for the change to flow through. 

How to add a nickname in iLearn  

You can also add a nickname in iLearn. This will appear in brackets between your first and last name e.g. Joseph (Joey) Bloggs.  

To add a nickname in iLearn: 

  • Login to iLearn
  • Click on your name and select Profile  
  • Select Edit Profile 
  • Enter your nickname for Alternate name 
  • Click Update profile 

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