Join this presentation by Michael Rampe, Senior Learning Designer at Macquarie University, in which he will share cutting-edge developments in the creation of virtual galleries for teaching.

Over the past 18 months, Michael has been developing custom gallery and virtual exhibition projects for several bodies related to high school education in NSW resulting in the ARTEXPRESS Virtual and TEXStyle exhibitions online. He has utilised a cutting-edge approach to digitisation paired with emergent WebXR, VR, deep zoom, Pedestal 3D and other technologies to create modern and accessible resources for learners. This talk will cover the approach and results with a view to informing future innovations in this area.

Attend in person or via Zoom:

Date: Thursday 15th April

Time: 12pm-1pm

Attend in person: Simply show up on the day to Building 29WW Room 123

Or join via Zoom:

Bio – Michael Rampe: Michael has been a Senior Learning Designer at Macquarie for several years working in, around and between many faculties and is now permanently placed in the faculty of Arts. With a career focus on graphic design, video, photography and 3D media, he is a technologist, an innovator, and recently an entrepreneur. He developed the Pedestal 3D platform and commercialised it as a start up company through the Incubator. His current research is focussed on object based learning, 3D digitisation for learning and ways VR can intersect with learning.

This presentation has been organised by the Learning Technology Research Cluster Group, a Macquarie University community of practice for anyone interested in research into learning technologies to facilitate the exchange of ideas and sharing of information. If you are interested in joining this group, please email Matt Bower at

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