Over the summer break, we’ve been enhancing some iLearn Insights functions and adding new features. For example, you can now set up automatic emailing for students who haven’t completed unit tasks, and you can search your unit to find external links so that you can check that they’re up-to-date and working. Read on for a summary of new and improved functions, and how to access and use them.

New iLearn insights functionalities for S1, 2021:

  1. Schedule emails: Convenors can now schedule emails for the whole session and all emails will be sent automatically (with a confirmation email sent back to the convenor when email is actually sent). Using this functionality the convenor is able to send emails to all participants/students who have not submitted an assignment and students who have not completed the Academic Integrity Module. For the time being, emails can be scheduled to send at either 06:00AM or 10:00PM. You can schedule an email clicking ‘Schedule an email’ menu located under ‘Personalised bulk email’ menu.
    schedule an email menu
    An example list of all the scheduled emails is shown below –
    all scheduled email
  2. Unit search: Convenors now can search their unit for external links, youtube, vimeo videos or any other keywords embedded within the unit, so that you can check that the links are up-to-date and working. An example of Youtube search outcome is shown below –
    youtube search
  3. Echo360 video view: Find out if students have viewed a particular video in Echo360 and how many minutes they watched (functionality coming very soon).
    echo360 view
  4. H5P resources are now included in the report called ‘Students who have not accessed a resource’: Convenors can identify students who have not accessed an H5P activity (videos, quizzes, presentations etc created in HTML5 Package).
    ilearn insights unit menu
    Above screenshot shows the menu location for ‘Unit search’, ‘Echo360 video view’ and ‘H5P’ within the ‘resource not accessed report’.
  5. Quiz question analysis: Analyse quiz questions and view the percentage of students who answered a quiz question correctly, wrongly or did not attempt. Quiz question analysis can be access from Activities > Activity details menu.
    activity details menu
    An example outcome of the Quiz question analysis is shown below –
    quiz question analysis
  6. Live exam monitoring system: This was developed for the central MQ Exams Office who will use this application to monitor live final exams. It was successfully trialled in S2 and S3 2020. With some modifications, it is being made available for academic staff to use in S1 2021 to monitor their own live exams as well if needed. Live exam monitoring system can be access from Activities > Activity details menu.
    An example outcome of the Live exam monitoring system is shown below –
    live exam monitoring system
  7. Group report for disability support services: This university wide report has been developed for Disability Support – Student Wellbeing to monitor or inform whenever a convenor adds a new resource in a unit. They also want to monitor whenever a convenor updates a resource. This part is still a work in progress. 

Further information:

View this PechaKucha Zoom recording for a demonstration of the new iLearn Insights functionality:

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Guides to using the iLearn Insights features are available in the Technologies and Tools section of the TEACH website.

Posted by Shamim Joarder

Shamim Joarder has worked for various educational institutions since 2001. His eLearning journey began in 2009 working as an eLearning Project Manager at the University of Adelaide. Mr. Joarder currently works at Macquarie University, Sydney as Senior Learning Analytics Adviser, where he has designed and developed two unique learning analytic applications titled 'iLearn insights' and 'MyLearn'. He has also authored the book 'Moodle eLearning Course Design: A Flexible Approach'. Mr. Joarder received numerous accolades, including awarded silver at the QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023 in Abu Dhabi under the Regional (Oceania) award category, 2022 ACODE and CAUDIT Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, and was a finalist in the 2022 AFR Higher Education Excellence Awards. His work was first recognised in Singapore at the ASCILITE 2019 conference by winning the ASCILITE award for innovation. He also won 2021 Vice Chancellor's Learning Innovation award at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

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