If you are curious about the field of HE research, want to learn about it, and make a contribution to it then you are invited to join or present at the 27 November meeting.

Topic: Doing things with theory in higher education research.

The meeting will explore the uses and abuses of theory in higher education research. It will take a look at writing from two prominent theorists, Michel Foucault and Judith Butler. The chosen primary texts deal with questions of selfhood, our relations to others, systems and institutions, and the construction of ontologies and epistemologies. These are challenging theoretical works to think with, so this is a session where we explore the limits of our understanding, and collectively think through our unknowingness and the uses of theory in higher education research.

This meeting will be hosted by A/Prof Agnes Bosanquet (Macquarie) Dr Karina Luzia (Macquarie), Dr Vanessa Fredericks (Australian Catholic University) and Dr Tai Peseta (Western Sydney University)

Invitation to join

Meeting Date: Friday 27th November 2020
Time: Online via Zoom (from 9.30am-1.00pm, AEST)

Register to attend via Zoom (you will receive a Zoom link once you register).

Invitation to present

The presentation section is an opportunity to test an idea – in a small way – among friends with a 10 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

If you would like to share an example of higher education research that works with theory in an interesting way, such as: work you have already published and want to flag with others the way you have done theory; a work / idea that is in progress; someone else’s research in higher education that you are puzzling over and would like to discuss, then please visit the #HEScholars site for details about preparing and submitting an abstract.

Abstracts close: 18th November

More information / register / present:

visit #HEScholars

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