iLearn Insights is an award-winning easy-to-use reporting tool developed by the Learning Innovation Hub designed to assist Unit Convenors to:

  • Quickly digest a snapshot of student activity in their unit
  • Track student performance
  • Identify students that are not engaging and may be falling behind
  • Visualise student engagement in iLearn activities
  • Chart the timing and spread of assessment tasks
  • Send data-informed and dynamic personalised email messages

Recently, Shamim Joarder spoke about iLearn Insights at the September session of the Transforming Assessment webinar. He explored how iLearn insights allow data from assignments, forums and activities within iLearn to be visualised and used to show patterns in student engagement. He also went through a demo of the personalised email messaging function.

Usage statistics for 2020

iLearn Insights has seen a surge in usage this year and has been a useful tool for sending personalised email messages to students through iLearn. The number of unique units and users have grown since 2019 as evidenced by the statistics below:

Statistics for unique units, unique users and personalised emails from 2019

Dashboard visualisations

One of the main lessons learned throughout the process is to make the platform as simple as possible to learn, interpret and use. iLearn Insights makes use of visualisations, graphs and tables which helps to digest unit information at a glance.

Couse activity visualisation
Unit engagement
Activity and assessment dashboard
iLearn log-in summary
Forum participation summary

Personalised emails

Personalised emails make use of variables to make sure that the messages are dynamic and relevant to the recipient. Examples of variables are student info (first name, last name, full name), unit info (unit title, unit code, unit guide), support services (links to student support services) and hyperlinks. This means that each message sent is tailored to the specific student and their needs.

preview personalised email

iLearn Insights has recently added the ‘bulk email feature‘ which allows the Unit Convenor to filter and target specific students.

Bulk email feature showing ability to send a message to a large number of students

Support is available

For more information on how to use iLearn Insights, visit our quick guides on the Macquarie University website staff page.

Many new features have been added based on user feedback and lessons learned in the past 2 years. To keep up to date with new features please subscribe to the iLearn Insights email group by contacting Shamim Joarder directly at

We are always open to suggestions for additions or improvements to these reports. Please let us know and lodge a request to the iLearn insights ‘Feedback and Feature Request’ page (requires OneID log-in).

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