In response to feedback from our growing user base a new bulk emailing tool has been added to iLearn Insights. This new tool allows teaching staff to select from a number of filters to target the group they wish to message. A personalised email can then be written to let the selected students know of any important information that they need to help them with their studies.

Personalised bulk emails

The new bulk email tool allows the selection of all students using the following parameters:

  • All participants
  • All participants in a cohort
  • All participants who have never logged in to your unit
  • All participants in your unit who have not completed the Academic Integrity Module(AIM)
  • All participants who have not accessed your unit in the last 7 days

The bulk tool is especially useful in managing large cohorts and it simplifies the selection of the email recipients. You will be given an indication and asked to confirm that you are emailing the specified number of students. This step has been added to ensure emails are not accidentally sent to the wrong group of students.

Using this tool will allow you to instantly email your selected students to ensure they receive the information to their student email address straight away. The same information can be added to your iLearn announcement forum to ensure students can view the message when logged in to iLearn.

New navigation menu

A new navigation menu has been added to iLearn to allow quick and clear access to all the previously existing features as well as the new bulk email tool.

From the new navigation menu you can now access:

  • Unit reports
  • Activity submissions
  • Forum activity
  • Echo360 participation reporting (requires data upload from Echo360 analytics reports)
  • Personalised targeted emails (requires selection of student/s after applying filters)
  • Personalised bulk emails (automatically selects all students after applying filters)

As always we are looking for input from our users, so if you have an idea of a different filter that you would like to use to select a group of students for bulk email, or any other feature that would help improve your experience with accessing student data from iLearn, please let us know by using the Feedback and Feature Request tool found in the navigation bar at the top of any iLearn Insights screen.

Posted by Jeremy Hind

Jeremy is the Manager Application Services (Learning and Teaching).

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