The sudden changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to go online whether we were ready or not. This new way of teaching has put many of us unexpectedly in front of the camera with the spotlight shining brightly and the audio recorder on PLAY. The teacher is now a performer too! 

This video series is designed to support Macquarie teaching staff by providing practical strategies to develop skills for presenting online to a student audience. There are 9 videos divided into 2 modules: 

  • Module 1 – Discover your voice 
  • Module 2 – Discover your online presence 

The presenter, Koo Abuali, is an experienced voice coach and presenter (as well as a current Macquarie University Juris Doctor student) and each episode has been carefully crafted to be relevant for Macquarie teaching staff needing to create online audio or video material such as lecture recordings, or present their material online via zoom. 

Videos created in response to student feedback 

I would very much like to see lectures with the camera on the lecturer not just the slides and audio 

During Session 1 our students were surveyed to gauge how they were managing with the transition to learning online, to find out what the University was doing well and where improvements could be made. These videos have been developed in response to this student feedback. 

Some of the comments from the students: 

  • Poor quality of lecture recordings, staff reading off slides and not communicating well online 
  • The use of lecture recordings from the previous year -content not updated to reflect contemporary issues 
  • Would like more zoom classes to enable greater interaction with staff and peers – more live zoom rather than prerecorded ones 
  • Training for teachers in using more interactive online teaching methods, resources and technologies; how to adapt to make the classes just as effective as in class lessons, how to run a class over video

What will be covered in the videos ?

Module 1 – Discover your Voice 

Episode 1
Part 1  
Introduction and Warm up exercise
You may not have had a vocal lesson before but these exercises will warm up your voice so you can record effective online teaching materials.
Episode 1
Part 2  
Introduction and Warm up exercises Part 2
When your voice is relaxed, you’ll be both more confident and more effective in your delivery of online teaching. Learn vocal and breathing exercises to make sure that you don’t damage your most important instrument! 
Episode 2 Portraying confidence and positivity in your voice 
Mind and emotions can impact your voice. Learn how to combat performance anxiety and use your voice to influence the way students receive the knowledge and information you’re teaching. 
Episode 3  Practical Tips on effective online recording
Voice speed, projection, diction and inflection are more significant in an online learning environment where the voice takes centre stage. Make these elements work for you to ensure your recordings can be heard and understood clearly by your students. 
Episode 4 Is anyone listening?
Are your virtual students listening? Beat the challenge to keep yourself motivated when you don’t have instant feedback and that live connection with your students. 
Episode 5  When you’re smiling 
Engage your online students with a smile. Techniques to manipulate your voice to convey emotions and engage students when recording audio and video lectures. 

Module 2 – Discover your Online Presence 

Episode 1 Practical tips for presenting on camera- Standing 
Improve your online physical presence – be inviting, non-intimidating and yet authoritative and confident.  
Episode 2  Practical tips for presenting on camera- Sitting
Overcome the difficulties in generating an energetic delivery of a lesson while seated at your laptop with these practical tips for engaging your audience in live tutorial ZOOM sessions. 
Episode 3  Practical tips for developing your confidence on camera
The increase in online teaching may have triggered concerns around recording yourself and how you come across on camera, especially as you can’t see your audience.  Here are some tips on dealing with these nerves. 

Start watching now…  each video only 5-6 mins

We have decided to release Module 2 of the series first as we believe these will be the most helpful for staff right now. 

Do your students create video presentations for assessment?

These videos are available for students too! You could embed the video links in your iLearn unit as a resources for students. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the iLearn Quick Guides on Embedding Video or linking YouTube Videos.

About the presenter, Koo Abuali: 

Koo Abuali

Koo Abuali founded FireWire Music in 2006 and has built an accomplished career as a Music Supervisor, Consultant, Public Speaker and Voice Coach.  In 1999 she was granted a US Green Card for “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” and went on to live and work in New York and Los Angeles in the News and Entertainment industry, before returning to Sydney in 2018 to commence her Juris Doctor at Macquarie University. Koo is also a highly sought after speaker/panelist and has been invited to conferences around the world including Midem (Cannes, France), CMJ (NY, USA) SXSW (Austin, USA), Nashville Film Festival (Nashville, USA), Synch Summit (LA, USA), NXNE (Toronto, Canada), Montreal Film Festival (Montreal, Canada), FUSE (Adelaide, Aust), Big Sound (Qld) to speak on music and how to develop effective presentation and negotiating skills. 

Questions or feedback? Contact: 

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