Do you have a project/s that you just can’t get around to? Don’t we all!  Perhaps you are now planning for your research to kick off again soon after being paused due to COVID-19 restrictions? Whether it’s academic research assistance, project support or innovative ideas to scope something new, PACE students are available to help, contributing to your work while applying their learning in the real world.

As part of the PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program, thousands of our students each year undertake activities through a wide range of PACE academic units of study offered across all undergraduate degree programs. For more info go to Partnering with PACE.

PACE students are highly motivated and eager to apply their theoretical knowledge to real world settings. They bring an informed and enthusiastic perspective, as well as discipline-specific knowledge and skills, working on projects and activities that are beneficial for both the students and you.

If you are interested in engaging with PACE students in Session 2 (August to November 2020), please complete this short online form and we will be in touch with you to discuss details:

PACE Enquiries Form

If you have a discipline area in mind and need students with specific skills, please note this in the form so that our PACE faculty teams can assist you with the right information. See below for more information about PACE in specific faculties team and for PACE team contact details.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the majority of PACE activities will be done online.  Students will engage with you remotely, in a virtual environment through Zoom, Teams etc.

Here are some ideas of projects students are doing for other organisations, online:

Quick summary of PACE across the faculties:

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Students and partners to collaborate in the spirit of discovery while tackling the big issues faced by society, both in Australia and globally. From statistical analyses of data and mathematical modelling, to the development of IT solutions, sustainable environmental management and more. Environmental Management students and biology students also have potential to engage with Incubator organisations.

To find out how to engage with our Session 2 2020 students contact the FSE PACE Team for more information:

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Students in our faculty have special skills in a range of disciplines: Psychology, Cognitive Science, Public Health, Clinical Science (pre-med/physio), Human Movement, Community Services, and Speech and Hearing Science. Our students are available to work on your projects online from mid-August – mid-November.

Contact the FMHHS Team for more information:

Be quick – we need to finalise projects by 30 June to advertise to our students.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers PACE units across all departments. In session 2, students from across all disciplines will be enrolling in PACE units.

Our students can offer discipline-specific insight, research and skills on projects, campaigns and activities. We are looking for online projects and placements for individual and groups of students. In session 2, our PACE unit offerings include Anthropology, Philosophy, Politics, Criminology, Security Studies, Sociology, Social Research, English, Media & Communications, International Relations, Languages and Creative Arts.

If you have an idea for a project or placement then we would love to hear from you to discuss the available options. Please contact the Faculty of Arts PACE team, by 30 June for more information.

Macquarie Business School

Undergraduate students from the Macquarie Business School are ready to apply and further develop their knowledge and skills in a diverse range of disciplines, including accounting, actuarial studies, business administration, data analytics, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, international business, management and marketing. Students can assist with existing work functions or contribute to a project within your company.

Contact the MQBS PACE Team for further information:

PACE activities for MQBS students need to finalised by 15 June.

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