The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is the University’s lecture recording system. In most cases the audio and presentation screen is recorded (microphones may pick up audio from across the lecture room) and in some rooms a camera view of the presentation area is available.

Large Class Lectures

Click here to watch a 5 minute demonstration of Echo360 Universal Capture

The suggested solution for large class lectures is to record these via Echo360 for staff on campus or Universal Capture if teaching staff are off campus. If the campus needs to shut down then staff need to be appropriately equipped to record lectures off- campus using Universal Capture. It is strongly recommended that all lectures be supplemented with asynchronous discussion forums, led and actively moderated and administered by the teacher.


  • Staff will need to have a laptop/computer that has the Universal Capture software loaded.
  • All Units must have an iLearn site from which students would access the Echo recordings.
  • Bandwidth may be an issue for students depending on the internet connection they will be accessing materials through.
  • Recording on campus will afford you the ability to take advantage of the AV systems already in place to ensure a high-quality, high- fidelity result.
  • The University has a fast and reliable internet connection
  • The I.T Service Desk will be available to assist with any issue you may have with your recording.
  • If you record your lecture during your scheduled time slot, it will automatically be uploaded into the relevant iLearn site.

Why would I use Universal Capture?

  • If you are at home and need to record a lecture or tutorial, Universal Capture affords you a solution to do so using your own personal computer.
  • It is a consideration that you will have to upload the recorded file manually to the relevant iLearn site.
  • Also consider meeting the minimum system requirements to avoid any technical issues.
  • Further guides are available on the Lecture Recordings section of Macquarie University’s website.

Top Tips for Effective Online Presentation

Before the presentation

  • Review your lecturing notes to identify the key “take-home” points, for example:
  • Foundational principles on which you will build subsequent points
  • Discipline-specific ways of thinking about problems or questions
  • Specific concepts and/or methods that students will need for assessment work
  • Transitions between ideas/topics, and between principles/theory and illustrative examples. Add reminders to yourself to emphasise these points in the lecture.

The lectern (on-campus) or your computer (home)

  • For a refresher, see the AVTS Lectern Fundamentals video (<4mins)
  • MQ TIP: In a two-hour class, re-swipe during your halfway break so you don’t have to scramble to wake the lectern up in the middle of an important point!

Using a microphone

See the AVTS Microphone Technique video (2mins) for detailed information.

  • For recorded lectures on campus, we recommend that you use the wireless lapel mic supplied by AVTS.
  • For information about Echo Universal Capture see the Echo Guide.

Using a microphone at home

  • For recording at home using Universal Capture, the microphone supplied by your mobile phone should be enough for clear sound. Laptop microphones are usually not ideal as they capture many unwanted ambient noises.
  • If there is no other option, your built-in computer microphone will suffice, as long as you ensure a quiet environment and close proximity to the microphone.

During your presentation

Pay attention to your diction
Speak slowly and clearly, paying attention to pronouncing the consonants at the beginnings and end of words. This is also helpful to any listener with a hearing impairment.

Signpost key content and transitions
Remember that students watching the livestream or recording won’t be able to see your non-verbal cues, so you must ensure that they receive explicit verbal emphasis of those ‘take-home’ points you identified above.

Repeat students’ questions
If you take questions from the students in the classroom, remember to repeat the question before answering it, because the student asking it doesn’t have a mic and won’t be picked up on the recording. This will also assist students who are in the classroom but seated behind the questioner.

How do I install and use Universal Capture?

Click here to watch a 5 minute demonstration of Echo360 Universal Capture

  1. Installing may require the assistance of your Faculty IT support. Your personal computer may require administrator privileges to install the program. For assistance, email
  2. Download Universal Capture from Echo360 Downloads. The installer must be run locally from your computer.
  3. Install and double click the Echo Capture icon.
  4. When asked to login, use your Macquarie University staff email address and enter Macquarie University as your institution.
  5. Click Submit and login through the Macquarie University portal using your OneID (mqxxxxxxxx) and OneID password.

A more in-depth guide can be found on the Echo360 page on the MQ Website

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