iLab will be replaced by Appstream on 1st December 2019. If you currently use iLab for coursework, please bring your teaching materials and datasets to test run on AppStream.

With all the changes happening around campus, this article give you all the tools and tips you will need for the transition from iLab to AppStream. Clinics will also be running during November so you can learn how to get started with AppStream. IT experts will be on hand to answer all your AppStream and iLab questions.

As discussed in an earlier article, AppStream offers an improved solution for students to access a range of software in classrooms and off campus.


  • The AppStream Wiki page is the main source of information for students and staff, including a list of applications and detailed notes to get you started
  • Login to AppStream with your MQ OneID and click on “AppStream – Student Applications”
  • If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ section of the Wiki which addresses over 30 questions
  • If you need any further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk (02) 9850 4357


  • When login into AppStream, you will see a loading page stating “your session is being prepared”. This is normal, and the maximum wait time will be 2 minutes
  • Once the wait time is up, you will then be promoted to input your OneID password again
  • As all sessions on AppStream a temporary, make sure to save your work on a drive or email them to yourself before ending the session
  • If you laptop runs out of battery, or you disconnect for any reason you will have 30 minutes to log back in to your session using any device
  • If you are having trouble copy and pasting while using AppStream, you will need to check out the FAQ
  • To save your work onto OneDrive or Google Drive, you will need to enable it by following the steps in the FAQ
  • Please be sure to end your AppStream session to avoid it running in the background once you are finished

IMPORTANT: Please ensure AppStream replaces iLab in student and staff communications. Check any mentions of iLab in Unit Guides, iLearn, orientation, Wiki pages and replace with AppStream.

Appstream Clinics

If you would like to know more about AppStream and how to use it in your classroom, clinics will be run by IT experts from 4th November until 8th November. If you currently use iLab in your teaching, now is a great time to familiarise yourself and test out its replacement AppStream.

Who needs to attend?
All MQ academics, teaching staff and learning designers are welcome to attend the AppStream Clinics.

If you currently use iLab for coursework, please bring your teaching materials and datasets to test run on AppStream. You can check your datasets by running SPSS through AppStream (you may notice the performance of SPSS on AppStream is much faster). 

What’s covered?

  • What is AppStream
  • How does the change from iLab to AppStream affect me
  • Get Started with AppStream: All you need to know
  • Test drive AppStream: Bring your coursework materials and prepare for 2020
  • Live Q&A

What to bring?
Please bring your laptop and any coursework materials you wish to test out AppStream.

Register for Appstream clinics >

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