If you currently use iLab in your teaching, now is a great time to familiarise yourself with its impressive replacement AppStream.

What is iLab? Have I been using iLab?

If your students have been using software such as SPSS or Minitab in computer labs or at home, you have probably been using iLab in your teaching. You may have even been using it yourself!

AppStream is Better!

  • Access applications anytime, anywhere, on any device via a web browser (no need to download virtual machine)
  • Improved stability, security and performance
  • Easily save and upload your AppStream session files on OneDrive or Google Drive

How do you access Appstream?

To get started with AppStream all it takes is three simple steps:

  1. Visit https://mq.okta.com/ using any browser on your computer device. Google Chrome is the recommended web browser for AppStream. 
  2. Login using your MQ OneID and password
  3. Simply click on tile AppStream – Student Applications and then click on any application icon which you like to stream.
Once logged into Okta, click ‘Appstream – Student Applications’

Teachers: Please ensure AppStream replaces iLab in messages to students. Check any mentions of iLab in unit guides, iLearn etc and replace with AppStream.

Need more info? AppStream Wiki page for staff and students

Questions? Check out the AppStream FAQ’s

Posted by Teresa Ng

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