Just in case you missed it: The fantastic new ‘Ask an iGuide’ peer support service was launched by Learning Skills at the start of Session 2.

Who are the iGuides? 

iGuides are Macquarie students experienced with the systems, software and apps that students use here at Macquarie. They’re also able to assist with students’ online learning skills more broadly.

What can iGuides help with? 

Students can drop by an iGuide station for help with iLearn, Leganto, Echo360, Turnitin, Macquarie OneNet, Microsoft Office, iLab and Appstream.  

If students have a question about a system outside of these, iGuides can advise where to go for help with those too. For more information about iGuide services, check out bit.ly/MQiguides.

Where and when are iGuides available? 

Below are the updated days, times and locations for the rest of Session 2:

Weeks 8 – 12

Library Information Desk
12 – 6pm12 – 6pm12 – 6pm12 – 6pm12 – 3pm
Weeks 9 – 13
MUIC student hub
12 – 2:30pm

Next steps

Help spread the word via a quick iLearn Announcement so that students can take advantage of this service. You can include this link to give students more information about how, when and where iGuides can help them: bit.ly/MQiguides.

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