The Curriculum Management System (MQCMS) is now live and accessible at

The new MQCMS is our one stop shop for all MQ’s curriculum requirements and integrates with iTeach for Unit Guides, Handbook and CourseFinder.

Next steps (for FHS staff):

  • To ensure the accuracy of our 2020 course and unit information, the priority is to review and update all of our 2020 units. 
  • Please focus on updating all 2020 unit offerings and requisites by 30 August. 
  • The FSQC meetings in August, September and October will consider updates to Session 1 2020 unit learning outcomes and assessments.

Training and Support

  • Register for Faculty-based MQCMS training using our online registration form. The Program Beacon team will work you to ensure your training needs are met.  
  • Flexible training including online, just-in-time face-to-face training, drop-in sessions, one-on-one mentoring, faculty and department workshops.  
  • Drop-in sessions have been scheduled from 9am to 12noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays (from 12 August)
  • OneHelp has been set up to log issues. These will be triaged by CMS Project team

Visit the MQCMS Toolkit on the Program Beacon Hub to access quick reference guides and frequently asked questions.

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