This week we welcome to Emily Sutton to the Faculty of Human Sciences. Emily joins us from Walanga Muru and is holding the reins as the Acting Faculty Student Administration Manager during Jennifer Martin’s parental leave.

What were you doing before you took on this role?

I began my MQ journey in 2012 embarking on the Master of Indigenous Education completing this in 2014.  During that time I took a full time role as the Indigenous Support Officer and have worked at Walanga Muru, the Aboriginal Student Centre for the past 6 years.  More recently, I have been the Team Leader – Aboriginal Engagement for the past three years.

What do you see as the major challenges for students at university today?

Not just being able to focus on university, having work, family and other personal commitments to juggle at the same time.  I think students crave to feel a ‘sense of belonging’ at university, but this is hard to achieve with all of the competing commitments.

Emily (left) with graduates from Walanga Muru

What would you highlight as your priorities for the coming months?

Getting to know all of the faces of the Faculty of Human Sciences and learning the ins and outs.

Program Beacon!  Making sure all students feel informed and supported through the transition period.

Do you have an especially memorable moment in your Macquarie career that you would like to share?

There are so many as I have been here for 6 years!  My favourite time of year is graduations.  My role at Walanga Muru allowed me walk alongside the students for their whole MQ journey.  I love celebrating with them and their families on graduation day.

What’s your favourite pastime? And last but not least – your favourite ice cream flavour?

I love going to Aboriginal art exhibitions and have a collection of my own that is growing all the time.

Salted Caramel ice cream – The best is from Messina!

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