Coming back to teaching can be fraught with anxieties – how do I get to the campus, where can I park, where am I teaching, how do I get a class list, what if my access, passwords, technologies don’t work, etc? Aside from the logistics involved in locating your Week 1 students (who are usually feeling just as frazzled), we have collated a few helpful resources to help you and your students through.

For your students:

  1. There are heaps of learning and study skills workshops for both undergraduates and postgraduates who would like to develop specific academic skills.
  • If you’re not able to answer a student’s question, send them to Student Connect at MUSE (18 Wally’s Walk), or suggest they log an online request for help.

For you as an educator:

  • There is a range of timely teaching related workshops and contacts available to get you through the session. You can subscribe to the learning and teaching blog Teche for news, resources, notices, stories, and opinion pieces of interest to our learning and teaching community.
  • Try to take a break between teaching activities and refuel at one of the many food and beverage outlets on campus.

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