During the conference “Shaping the digital turn” in October in Berlin I was introduced to Christine Redecker from the EU Science Hub, The European Commission’s science and knowledge service. She is the author of the European Framework for Digital Competence for Educators: DigCompEdu and she gave me the opportunity to test the DigCompCheck-In, a test based on the framework.

I wanted to share my experience of the detailed and complex framework and how solid this test is for us as educators, willing to address and close our knowledge gaps.

“As the teaching professions face rapidly changing demands, educators require an increasingly broad and more sophisticated set of competences than before. In particular the ubiquity of digital devices and the duty to help students become digitally competent requires educators to develop their own digital competence. On International and national level a number of frameworks, self-assessment tools and training programs have been developed to describe the facets of digital competence for educators and to help them assess their competence, identify their training needs and offer targeted training. Analysing and clustering these instruments, this report presents a common European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu). DigCompEdu is a scientifically sound background framework which helps to guide policy and can be directly adapted to implement regional and national tools and training programs. In addition, it provides a common language and approach that will help the dialogue and exchange of best practices across borders. The DigCompEdu framework is directed towards educators at all levels of education, from early childhood to higher and adult education, including general and vocational training, special needs education, and non-formal learning contexts.”

The framework comes with the test, the DigCompEdu Check-In.

When you complete the DigCompEdu Check-In, you will learn more about your personal strengths and the areas where you can enhance the ways in which you use digital technologies for teaching and learning. After you answer the 22 questions of this self-assessment, you will receive detailed feedback, with useful tips and key milestones for your personal roadmap to innovative teaching.

This tool will help you to reflect on your digital competence as an academic teaching in higher and further education.

Next year, the Arts L&T team will shine a light on building digital literacy capacity in all our current and future educators. To this end, we plan to invite every academic, either individually or in mini-workshops, to engage with the DigCompEdu Check-In.

Please send feedback and questions to me: bettina.pfaendner@mq.edu.au

Thank you and enjoy!

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Bettina is a creative mind, lecturer for film and television, media and communication, and a Learning Designer by heart. What is more fulfilling than helping others to learn!

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