Meet the 2018 Arts Learning & Teaching Award Winners

Dr Maria Amigo and the FoA PACE Team – PACE

For outstanding achievement in providing over 2,000 Arts students (this year) with an exceptional “work-integrated or community-engaged learning experience”.   This team think, plan and act strategically to develop PACE learning activities that “span multiple modalities, disciplines, geographic allocations and sectors of economy and society”.

These opportunities provide an environment for students to thrive and engage with their learning.

  • Dr Maria Amigo
  • Marie Kelliher
  • Dr Rebecca Bilous
  • Sian Paine
  • Liz Smith
  • John Uychoco
  • Rajika Rajagopalan
  • Milena Bojovic
  • Lucy Guzman Schulz

Dr Benedicte Andre – Department of International Studies

For expertise in streamlining and enhancing students’ progress in French Studies, aligning with international standards and fostering intercultural inquiry, skills and knowledge.

To develop the French Studies curriculum, Benedicte has used a program-based
approach which is underpinned by the following 7 principles:

1. providing a sequence of cohesive and coherent units reflective of Macquarie’s policies and values:
2. challenging received ideas about culture by fostering critical thinking:
3. breaking down complex notions through scaffolded approaches, placing students’ active participation at the at the heart of this process;
4. building bridges across various disciplines in the Humanities;
5. enhancing student learning and engagement through providing a rich online environment;
6. updating the teaching material informed by student feedback;
7. providing students with tools necessary to become autonomous self-reflective citizens.

In addition, 5 students have had an opportunity to sit an international exam this year which will provide them with official qualifications recognized by the French Ministry of Education.

Dr Sara Fuller – Department of Geography and Planning

For leadership and innovation in embedding the research-teaching nexus into the Geography curriculum to enhance the student learning experience.

Sara has designed curricula to develop students’ research capabilities in order to facilitate critical thinking and systematic enquiry.  By sharing her personal internationally researched cases studies with the students she is helping students to build “connections between theory and practice and ground abstract theory in the real world”. These skills are essential for the applied disciplines such as geography.

Dr Jillian Kramer – Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies

For designing cultural studies teaching strategies, units and programs that inspire and motivate students by encouraging productive engagement and fostering the development of independent scholars.

Jillian’s personal teaching experience has led her to establish “inclusive learning environments that inspire students to learn by honouring their experience and encouraging them to connect learning activities to their everyday life”.

Learning activities are scaffolded throughout the program to ignite curiosity and provide students with critical, analytical and scholarly skills with the intent to develop “confident and independent scholars who work towards social justice”.

Dr Alys Moody  – Department of English

For developing units that challenge students to understand the relevance of literature and academic literary criticism to their own lives and worlds.

Alys has introduced innovative activities and assessments to assist students to become curious and independent learners. The focus of these activities and assessments is to connect difficult new material and theoretically complex ideas with questions and experiences so that students can value the relevance of theory in which they can claim expertise.

Macquarie Law School – PACE

LAW PACE programs provide unique opportunities for students to develop valuable professional skills and build a foundation for transition into the workforce.  LAW PACE affords students with diverse flexible placements and authentic learning experiences in legal environments, social justice settings and areas of law that they would like to pursue in the future.

  • Debra Ronan
  • Judith Preston
  • Carolyn Adams
  • Paul Govind
  • Dr Daniel Gezelbash
  • Dr Kirsty Davies
  • Rebekah Stevens
  • Adjunt Prof. George Newhouse

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