The Learning Innovation Hub has developed a new, easy-to-use iLearn reporting tool, iLearn Insights, that they will be piloting in Session 2 and are looking for Unit Convenors to be part of the pilot.

Functionality includes:

  • quickly digest a snapshot of activity in your unit with a reduced number of clicks compared to present
  • determine marking workload and progress
  • track student performance
  • identify students that are not engaging and may be falling behind
  • visualise student engagement in activities, eg forums, and quizzes
  • chart the timing and spread of assessment tasks

Faculty Learning Designers attended a preview of the tool a few weeks ago. We are excited by the potential and ease of ability to view and make sense of the data. For it to be useful in a unit, the iLearn unit needs to have activities for students to engage with. Two caveats are that while in pilot form, it will only be accessible on campus or if you use a VPN at home and iLearn insights has a data delay of approximately 24 hrs.

If you would like to try the new reporting tool, iLearn Insights in your S2 iLearn unit, please contact your Faculty Learning Designers:

Posted by Rebecca Ritchie

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