Thinking of coming to Drop-in Clinic? Maybe you can do it yourself. The Drop-in Clinic is delivered in collaboration with Faculty Learning Designers and The Learning Innovation Hub, to assist staff with their iLearn, iTeach or Unit guide woes. While we are more than happy to help, some people might prefer the be given the instructions to do it themselves. The questions below are the most common issues people request help with at Drop-in Clinic:


How do I set up weightings in Gradebook?

Gradebook may look daunting at first but is simple to set up by following these steps:

  1. Create your assessment modules on your iLearn unit page, eg: Quizzes, Turnitin, etc.
  2. On the Gradebook setup page, create a new category for each of your assessment tasks and set their weightings eg: Participation, Assessment, Exam, etc.
  3. Move the assessment modules into their respective categories.

A full breakdown of these steps and more can be found through the Gradebook quick guides.


My Turnitin assignments have disappeared when I cloned my unit. What happened?

Turnitin assignments do not get copied over during the unit cloning process. You will need to create a new Turnitin assignment. Rubrics used from previous sessions can be attached to newly created assignments.

What is the difference between the Due Date and Post Date?

The Due Date refers to when the last day assignments are to be submitted. The Post Date refers to the release of assignment marks and feedback to students. The postdate is set generally, 2 weeks after due date.

Have a look through the Turnitin and Feedback Studio quick guides for further information.

Unit Guides

When do you submit unit guides for approval?

As per the Unit Guide Procedure, Unit guides need to be created, approved by the Head of Department, Program Director or Program Manager (MUIC), then published, to be;

  • available at least two weeks before the scheduled start date of the unit.

The former Unit Guide Policy and Procedure was superseded in May 2018. Unit Guide Requirements are now stated under Schedule 6 of the Assessment Policy, and the Unit Guide Procedure is found here.

> Recent changes to the Assessment and Unit Guide Policies are summarised in this helpful Teche post.

How do you create or update unit guides?

If a unit guide needs to be updated, you’ll need create a new draft and submit the unit guide again for approval.

As setting up your Unit guide can be a complex process, easy-to-follow quick guides are available for convenience.

I need more help!!

The Drop-In Clinic is running for one more week

Monday 30 July – Friday 4 August 2018: 12 Wally’s Walk (12WW), Room G23 (formally E7A G23)

Support doesn’t stop at the Drop-in Clinic! If you have any queries or would like any assistance with your unit during semester, you can;

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