Faculty working party hands over to Departments to continue the practice of PRT

In the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Peer Review of Teaching working party held its final meeting in April. With representatives from each Department – Alissa Beath, John Knox, Rod Lane and Eva Marinus – led by Agnes Bosanquet, the working party ran from June 2017 to April 2018. In that time, the team achieved the following:

    • Revised and ratified the Peer Review of Teaching plan for the Faculty
    • Raised awareness and built capacity within Departments by piloting peer review practices in Semester 2, 2017 and implementing peer review in Semester 1, 2018
    • Evaluated peer review of teaching resources and promoted the use of specific templates and exemplars. There are some excellent resources here: https://peerreviewofteaching.net
    • Shared experience, knowledge and inspiration, including practices of peer review of teaching in an hour activity. See our article on PRT Strategies for a semester/day/hour.
    • Kickstarted peer review of teaching events in Departments

Although the working party will no longer be meeting, its members continue to champion peer review of teaching in the Departments. Future And Gladly posts will share Departmental practices as reported to FLTC at its special May meeting.

Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching)

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