A new Student Policy Gateway has recently been launched by the Policy Unit.

The Gateway is a simple one-stop shop webpage, with a focus on the undergraduate student journey and the key policies that students should be aware of during their time at Macquarie.

This resource has been developed in response to student feedback that they can experience challenges when trying to locate policy related information on the University website. Students have reported that they are often unaware of what particular policy applies, or how it is applied to the circumstances that they are experiencing.

Through the Gateway, students can now locate key policy information applicable to the various stages of their student journey, from enrolment through to graduation. This thematic approach, with topic-based headings, makes it easier for students to find the information they need.

The Gateway is not designed to provide information on every policy that may be relevant to students; rather it is a navigation tool to help them find relevant information on the most common policy issues they face.

Academic and Professional staff are encouraged to direct students to this resource. It has been added to Unit Guides and will also be embedded into other key student facing systems and resources over coming months.

Should you have any questions or feedback about the Student Policy Gateway please contact Ellen Carlson, Policy Manager, via policy@mq.edu.au.

Posted by Benjamin Dougall

Policy Officer | Governance Services

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