Our partners at Blackboard (who host iLearn) have offered us a FREE ‘Boot Camp’ webinar series, which will run next week. See more info below and how to register if you think this would be helpful for you.

The focus is on ‘getting your course into shape’ – looking at things you could do to improve your course in preparation for teaching.

There will be 4 topics discussed in the series, each 30 mins long, and are suitable for most teaching academics and learning designers. The course is LMS agnostic, so won’t cover iLearn specifics, but more generally design principles for online units.

  • Course Design
  • Assessment & Feedback
  • Interaction & Collaboration
  • Learner Support

All participants who register here will be sent links to the webinar recordings and resources.

We hope you find these sessions useful and help improve the online experience for both you and your students.

Posted by Jeremy Hind

Jeremy is the Manager Application Services (Learning and Teaching).

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