If you are a fixed term and continuing teaching staff member employed by Macquarie University you are required to undertake regular student evaluation of your teaching and the units you convene, as set out in the Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement (2014). Student evaluation surveys can inform reflection on your teaching practice and curriculum and assessment development.

Evaluation data can also provide evidence to support individual career progression, award applications and professional recognition. At the organisational level, departments, faculties and the University make use of evaluation data in quality assurance and statutory reporting purposes.

It’s survey time again…

It’s time to think about what student evaluation surveys you will need to order for Session 1, 2018. Surveys are managed and administered by the Teaching Evaluation for Development Service (TEDS).

Before you order your surveys you might want to check out the University’s teaching and curriculum evaluation pages.

Otherwise, here are some answers to FAQs…

Where do I order?

Follow the link to the order site for student unit and teaching evaluation surveys.

When do I order? … hint, don’t leave it to the last minute!

Getting in early to order your surveys will save you time and hassle down the track when other priorities take over.

Now (early on in the session) is always a good time to order, as TEDS processes 1500 surveys a session. TEDS requires 21 days’ notice to guarantee your survey pack is delivered on the date you require. Surveys must be completed by the last day of teaching each session and orders received with less than 21 days notice may not be processed

So get in now and you won’t need to worry about it later in the session.

What is an Early Feedback survey?

If you are the convenor of a new or recently changed unit, or new to teaching at Macquarie, you might consider carrying out an Early Feedback survey in week 3 or 4 of session. Early feedback enables you to adjust your teaching in time to make a difference. It is a less formal survey, designed to provide formative feedback from students early in a teaching period.

Only 7 day’s notice is required for these surveys. Further details can be found in these resource pages.

How do I order surveys?

If you are new to student evaluation surveys at Macquarie, or haven’t placed an order recently, please follow the instructions on the “New users” tab on the evaluation website page.

Experienced users of student surveys should use the “Experienced users” tab … although it is always useful to revisit the basics.

What’s new?

Major changes have been made this year to the unit survey (the LEU) and include new wording, new question groups, expanded topics and more focused detail; please review these before you start your order.

When do I administer my surveys?

We recommend that you carry out your unit and teaching surveys during weeks 11 through 13. Feel free to discuss timing, or any other survey related matter with teds@mq.edu.au.

If you have any survey questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Posted by Michael Marston

Business analyst/Crystal report writer by trade. Came to Macquarie in 1999 on a six week contract, and stayed. Worked on Student One implementation and support at MQ and UTS until 2010 when I came to Learning & Teaching and have been in the L&T space ever since. Previous positions in no particular order include organization & methods analyst, bank loans officer, part-time soldier, national support manager for a major insurance company, financial controller for an SME, sky guide, yardsman/labourer, got a BA majoring in philosophy and a Masters in Higher Education.

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