Another successful grant for the Faculty of Human Sciences….the Department of Cognitive Sciences in partnership with EMOTIV have been awarded a Strategic Priority Grant of $146,000.

The strategic priority grant will fund the development of an integrated digital educational platform for lab-based learning activities in the cognitive and brain sciences. Team members from the Department of Cognitive Science and EMOTIV will lead the project. This new platform — called NeuroLab — will build on and leverage innovative brain imaging labs currently featured in 2 undergraduate units (COGS100 Introduction to Cognitive and Brain Sciences and COGS202 Cognitive Neuroscience).

These units form the core of the new Major in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. In these labs, students use the EMOTIV Epoc+  – a wireless, non-invasive EEG-recording system  — to engage in hands-on research activities and gain a unique real-time window into the workings of the human brain. In its current form, the labs require students to interact with multiple software platforms, which complicates lab delivery for tutorial staff and challenges the effectiveness of the learning process for students. The integrated NeuroLab platform will streamline lab delivery and improve the student learning experience. An additional benefit of the new platform is that it will allow students to interact with their own brain data both inside and outside the classroom.

For inquiries, please email Dr Bianca de Wit <>.

Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching)

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