I am from Moree New South Wales, and I am a member of the Gomeroi Nation and an elected representative of the Gomeroi Nation Native Title Claimant Group: My homelands are Moree and Terry Hie Hie. I have significant experience working with Aboriginal people and Government to improve the lives of Aboriginal people through recognition of our rich cultural history, the return of our lands, the improvement of our living conditions and education of our next generation both through my employment and volunteer community work.

First thing, I put the jug on for coffee or tea, depending on what I feel like on the morning.

I have commenced walking leading to increased training for 2018.

For breakfast I have a nutri-bullet. Brazil nuts, blueberries, cauliflower, diced apple, kale and coconut water.

To get to work I mostly drive, but I also don’t mind taking public transport. To start the day I need coffee and a newspaper.

I’m focusing on the design and development of my Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training Package. Also targeting key influential people here at Macquarie University to assist in the marketing and participation in the Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training. Our purpose is to motivate and build a positive knowledge position for Macquarie University staff and students, leading to a meaningful understanding and respect for Aboriginal cultural values, history, beliefs, knowledges, practices and philosophies.

For lunch I usually go for a walk and then have a sandwich or lunch at my desk and read the paper for a break.

After lunch it’s a bit of future planning and going back over tasks I’ve completed that may need following up.

I 100% need a break in the afternoon. This usually has me reading a paper, going for a small stroll to get a cool drink or something that is not work focused. I just try and relax and forget about work for a short time. This is currently hard as the demand for the Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training is increasing.

Phil Duncan showing memorabilia. Photo by Mike Catabay for Learning Innovation Hub

I find it special going through the motions of establishing and maintaining contacts with new and emerging network across Macquarie university.

In the afternoon, I use the time to think about what I need to do the next day and prioritise what tasks need to be heightened.

Say bye to my work colleagues and then make contact with my friends in my outside network and maybe catch up with some of these people in my life.

Usually drive home, but sometimes public transport can help in giving me time to take my mind away from work.

After work I have time with my grandkids and family.

In the evenings I sometimes go to the driving range and practice my golf swing. I sometimes go down to the beach for a walk. I never take work home where ever possible, only if necessary!!

I coach rugby league and working with young men and watching their development as athletes and growing into good young men inspires me. Most of all my family and community inspires me everyday to be better.

Phil runs Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training for staff members and students. To book training, email him. The LIH is co-hosting a Learning and Teaching Exchange (LTX) introducing the training and the idea of “courageous conversations” to the community on Monday 12 March, 2018. Register here

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