Technology-enhanced interactive education

Prowise devices (touchscreens and personal devices) and presenter tool facilitate the design and delivery of technology-enhanced interactive education. We’ve recently acquired some touchscreens in the Department of Educational Studies to support teacher education.

So what can you do with Prowise, the Prowise Presenter, Prowise Touchscreens, Prowise ProConnect app, the Prowise ProWrite pen, and the ProQuiz?

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Locations: C5A (12SW) 201, 204, 210, 218, 222
One (1) Prowise fixed board with Vivi wireless presentation device
+ One (1)  Prowise mobile board

Location: X5B (29WW) 140
One (1) Prowise mobile board with Vivi wireless presentation device set up for Session 1

Locations: X5B (29WW) 041 & 045
One (1) Prowise mobile board


The screen sharing system solution

Upcoming workshop demonstrations

  • Monday 5th Feb, 2pm – 3pm, C5A 204 (12SW 204)
  • Friday 9th Feb, 10am – 11am, C5A 204 (12SW 204)
  • Tuesday 13th Feb, 2pm – 3pm, C5A 201 (12SW 201)

Participants must complete the following prior to attendingDownload the Vivi app and install on your personal device.


  • submit a OneHelp ticket to Faculty IT if you have any difficulties
  • Vivi Organisation Name: Macquarie University – Faculty of Human Sciences

  • Vivi login: MQ OneID (MQ########) & password

See Vivi User Guide for Teachers

Demonstrations will cover:

Launch App on your device, Login to the solution, Select a Room / Device, Allow students to share their screens, Play videos direct from their source, Other functions that time allows to be covered.

Vivi screen sharing can be used in the following classrooms:
C5A (12SWW) 201, 204, 210, 218 & 222 & X5B (29WW) 140

Posted by Beverley Miles

Beverley is a Senior Learning Designer in the Academy of Continuing Professional Development in Education, Faculty of Arts. She is the founder of the Macquarie Undergraduate Research Internship (MURI), co-director of the Telemachus Ancient History Mentor Program (Tele's Angels), and member of the Archaeology of Death and Burial TV team led by A/Prof Ronika Power – bringing digital multimodal text types to assessment with Adobe Education.

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