• Psychology led the University in the transition to Live Streaming this year.  Hear about their experiences, as well as other departments in a recording of LTX Rethinking Lectures for the Digital Audience.
  • Leveraging on this success, Psychology will offer the BA-Psychology course totally online via OUA from Session 1, 2018 with development work happening now.
  • Cognitive Sciences released COGS101 and achieved a 1000+ student enrolment result. The iLearn page for this unit was totally revamped, focusing on improved design for learning.
  • Developed in collaboration with the Learning Collective, the Peer Review of Teaching and Professional Digital Competencies projects were piloted.In Session 1 2018, Linguistics will launch its newly developed community iLearn page that will be a “one-stop-shop” for information and resources relating to L & T in the Department including guides for Unit Convenors, moderation practices, minutes of L & T meetings, and links to L & T information from around the University.
  • Angela Powell (PACE, FSE) produced “Heads-Up” documenting the longitudinal student experience focusing on reflective learning and the impact of PACE units. Heads-Up: PSY399 Longitudinal Student Experience  and Heads Up: PSY399 Student Reflections

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