Academic new to MQ

You’ve been teaching at another university, during and post-PhD, and recently started working at Macquarie. You may be on probation and would like practical knowledge to evidence and evaluate your teaching efficiently and effectively. You would also like to know more about Macquarie’s approach to teaching and learning, policies, procedures and technologies.

Selected Resources

Learning & Teaching Induction ModuleAll the important learning and teaching things you need to know when you first commence at Macquarie. 35 minute Workday module.
Evidence your teaching achievementsA 5 minute read with ideas on ways you can evidence your university teaching achievements.
Subscribe to TECHE blogYou subscribe to receive a fortnightly email to keep up to date on learning and teaching at MQ.
New to teaching websiteEssential information and resources for staff new to teaching at MQ.
Technologies and tools websiteStep by step guides on all of the learning technologies and tools available to support learning and teaching at MQ.
Join a Community of PracticeOur learning and teaching communities of practice unite people with common interests and allow exchange of ideas, and sharing of information and experiences.
Prompts to reflect on learning and teachingA TECHE blog series of 5 minute reads to prompt you to reflect on learning and teaching.
Evaluation SurveysAn overview of the TEDS survey instruments used at Macquarie to formally evaluate the student experience of the unit and teaching practices. 5 minute read.
Informal EvaluationFind out what students think of your unit using methods other than the end of session surveys. 5 minute read.