Learning & Teaching Scholarship in Higher Education: Leader

Here are some ideas to guide your progress through the Learning and Teaching Scholarship domain of the Professional Learning and Capability Enhancement (PLaCE) Framework:

  • Apply for a Learning & Teaching award
  • Become a fellow of Advance HE
  • Contribute to literature in learning and teaching – get published
  • Mentor colleagues in SoTL

Become a leader of Learning & Teaching Scholarship:

Apply:Apply for a learning & teaching award:
– Review these forms of evidence for a teaching award.
– Visit the MQ award writing website.
– View details about the Vice Chancellor’s Learning & Teaching Awards as well as external L&T awards.

Apply for Advance HE membership:
Review MQ Advance HE fellowship opportunities.
Publish:Discover what makes a quality SoTL publication – what to do, what not to do when publishing L&T papers. (TECHE post).
Mentor:Start a SoTL group in your Department/ Faculty.
Support colleagues to apply for a learning and teaching award or Advance HE fellowship.
Volunteer:Volunteer to review SOTL papers in your discipline or get on the editorial board of SOTL journals in your discipline (refer to this SOTL journal directory).

If you would like support to create a personalised professional development plan to enhance your teaching capability, please contact professional.learning@mq.edu.au 

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