5 June, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

75TR 1500 Seminar Rm

Screen capture of student resource

Screen capture of student resource

Underpinning Kate Scrivener’s teaching approach is a desire to develop competent and thoughtful neurological physiotherapists. In 2017 Kate received a VC citation for ‘creating an authentic learning environment that integrates evidence and professional experiences to enhance future physiotherapists management of individuals with complex neurological conditions.  

Kate views the appropriate use of technology and modern pedagogical strategies as key to bridging the gap between student experience and the real world demands on their ability to practice, including their ability to accurately analyse movement in the face of complex neurological impairments.

Utilising her status as both clinician and researcher, in the area of neurological rehabilitation, Kate set about creating a package of online resources designed to authenticate the learning experience to support student learning.  The resources were specifically designed to integrate foundational scientific principles and best available Kate Scrivener with studentsevidence with a person-centred approach to the assessment and management of individuals with complex neurological conditions. The learning resources have received excellent feedback from staff and students. These online resources act to:  

  1. Contextualise learning by providing authentic, real-world experiences using video footage of people after stroke and during physiotherapy sessions. These resources provide students with a visual picture of what a typical therapy session may look like.  
  2. Enhance reflection and self-evaluation by incorporating interactive learning activities that provide immediate formative feedback to students.  
  3. Scaffold the complex skill of analysis of movement, a core analytical skill of accomplished physiotherapists.

Come along to this FMHS Connect session to hear from Kate (and her students) about:

  • Why and how she set about creating the online resources for students
  • How the authentic learning resources and activities impact on student learning
  • What the students think about the online resources

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Posted by Lyn Collins

Senior Instructional Designer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.