16 October, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

11WW 180 TuteRm

Kate Lloyd (PACE R&E Team)
Chris Bilsland (MQBS PACE)
Matalena Tofa (PACE R&E Team)

Despite wide recognition of the importance of social networking for graduate employability and early career development, little is known about how recent graduates understand the role of social networks in their careers, and how best to support students to recognise the importance of social networks and use them in their career development. In this session, we share some of the findings from our research into social networks and networking practices in the early careers of business and creative industries graduates from 3 Australian universities. First, we will discuss survey findings (n=620) that explore the individual connectedness capabilities, social network characteristics, social capital and career outcomes of the graduates, and link these with a range of learning experiences and activities while at university. Second, we will explore interviews and sociograms produced with graduates to provide a more in-depth understanding of networking and career development. Finally, we will share some insights to how these findings relate to the PACE program and discuss opportunities to further disseminate the research findings and resources.

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Posted by PACE (Professional & Community Engagement)