12 December, 2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Continuum Room, Level 3, 75 Talavera Road

Whether you are new to teaching or experienced, any teacher can be caught off guard when the best-laid plans go awry.  Occasionally the technology doesn’t work, the power goes off or the students just stare blankly when you ask them a question.  This workshop will brainstorm and discuss: 

  1. Basic tools no lecturer should be without 
  2. Assumptions to avoid 
  3. Doomsday planning 
  4. Strategies to ensure a successful teaching event

This workshop will be facilitated by experienced teachers and aims to offer some practical advice to support the planning and delivery phase of your teaching.   This will largely be a facilitated interactive discussion, lead by experienced teachers but relying on the wisdom of the crowd to share their practice.  This workshop is aimed at beginning/novice teachers but we would welcome experienced teachers to share their collective wisdom.

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Posted by Lyn Collins

Senior Instructional Designer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.