1 January, 2023 - 31 December, 2024
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About this Course

This advanced module consists of four sections and is recommended for all faculty staff members including Deputy and Associate Deans, Course Directors, Unit Convenors, and Teaching staff who manage academic integrity-related matters.

Section 1 Fostering a culture of academic integrity across the faculty: Why a whole-of-faculty approach is needed, barriers and enablers for teaching staff, and suggestions for coordinating a whole-of-faculty approach to academic integrity.

Section 2 Assessments and academic integrity: Explores one critical aspect of teaching staff and students’ shared educational context: assessment design. Is it possible to design a ‘cheat-proof’ assessment? Or is assessment design one element in a more complex strategy aimed at deterring breaches of academic integrity?

Section 3 Detecting breaches of academic integrity: Explores another critical aspect of teaching staff’s responsibility: detecting breaches of academic integrity. Academic integrity breaches can occur in all types of assessments, formats, mediums, and disciplines. It is important to be aware of where and how breaches happen, and the tips and tools that can be used to detect them.

Section 4 Managing suspected academic breaches: Provides guidelines on how to report and investigate suspected breaches of academic integrity.

This module is intended to take around an hour to complete.

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Posted by Kylie Coaldrake

Learning and Teaching Development Coordinator Office of PVC (Learning and Teaching)