Curriculum and Assessment: Novice

Here are some ideas to guide your progress through the Curriculum and Assessment domain of the Professional Learning and Capability Enhancement (PLaCE) Framework:

  • Understand constructive alignment and its’ relevance for curriculum design
  • Identify a range of assessment types and how they can be used to meet diverse learner needs
  • Provide relevant and appropriate feedback to students
Constructive alignment of curriculum elements

Expand your knowledge of Curriculum and Assessment:

Read:C is for constructivism. What is constructive alignment and why is it relevant to curriculum and assessment? (TECHE post)
Enrol:Consider how your curriculum and assessments can be inclusive of different students. Complete the Foundations for Inclusive Teaching module (90-min module on Workday)
Check:Are your marking and feedback methods aligned with best practice? Find out by taking this 5-minute quiz.
Understand:Familiarise yourself with Macquarie’s Curriculum Management System – what it’s used for, information flow, approval process, making unit or course amendments. (1-hour module on Workday).
Register:Complete these self-paced modules:
– using Feedback Studio (45-min Workday module) to provide students with assignments grades and feedback
– creating, using and sharing Rubrics in Turnitin (30-min module in Workday).
Try:Enrol in the Feedback for Student Learning self-paced module and pick the ‘marker’ or ‘teacher’ pathway (whichever is most relevant for your role). Choose 2 or 3 feedback strategies to try this session. (20-60 minute module in iLearn).

Take it to the next level: Make your feedback constructive and action-oriented

Complete:The Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching MOOC guides you through feedback and feedforward so you can master one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. (2-hour free self-paced module)

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